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There are a lot of Tabernacle sites on the Internet. Here is a list of links that you may find useful. Please note that just because we list the links here that we don't necessarily agree with all that is said on these sites:

3D VMRL Tabernacle:

      A very cool 3D virtual Tabernacle. You will need to download the 5MB "Blaxxun" viewer to visit this site: 3D VRML Tabernacle.

Another 3D VMRL Tabernacle & Solomon's Temple:

      Another very cool 3D virtual Tabernacle. This site also has a 3D version of Solomon's Temple You will need to download the Cortona viewer to visit this site: 3D Bible Project

Mennonite Full Size Tabernacle and Wooden Models:

     They have a full sized replica of the Tabernacle you can visit in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. You can even buy 2 foot long and 4 foot long Tabernacle models from them that you can assemble to use in your own church. Visit them at: Mennonite Tabernacle Visitor's Site

Tyler's Tabernacle Animation Site:

      Another impressive site. This site offers animations of the Tabernacle that you can download. The author offers his animations and other material on CD that you can purchase to use in your Sunday School. Visit them at: Tabernacle Animation Site.

BiblePlaces.com Tabernacle Photos:

      These are high quality photos of the full size model of the Tabernacle in the Judean desert listed above. You can order the CD with high resolution images. At the bottom of this page there also are some links to tabernacle sites. Visit this site at: BiblePlaces.com Tabernacle.

Full Size Tabernacle Reproduction - Arkansas:

      The famous "Great Passion Play" site in Eureka Springs, Arkansas USA has an impressive full sized reproduction of the Jewish Tabernacle. They are the folks that let us distribute free photos of their Tabernacle on our web pages. They not only have the Tabernacle site but lots of other reproductions. Visit them at: Eureka Springs Tabernacle.

Available from Christian Book Distributors

647915: The Tabernacle, DVD

The Tabernacle, DVD
By Vision Video
Explore the ancient meeting place between sinful man and a holy God in this intriguing presentation. Stunning three-dimensional computer-generated depictions of the Table of Shewbread, the Altar of Incense, and the Ark of the Covenant bring hard-to-visualize Scripture passages to life. 28 minutes.

Available from Christian Book Distributors

Tabernacle Powerpoint CD
By Rose Publishing
PowerPoint Tabernacle allows PowerPoint software users to show images of the Tabernacle on a computer screen or project it using a digital projector. The presentation shows all of the key features of the Tabernacle, the Holy Place, the Holy of Holies, and more. Slides may be printed out as handouts (Adobe Acrobat required)Microsoft PowerPoint 2001 or higher required. (CD Does not come with PowerPoint application)

Temple Builders:

      An impressive site with lots of diagrams, images and other information. Visit them at: Temple Builders.

Tabernacle Typology:

      A special site about the symbolism of the Tabernacle as viewed by this group. Visit them at: Tabernacle Typology.

Tabernacle Bible Art Site:

      Very impressive artistic interpretations of Tabernacle features. This site allows viewing of their material and you can purchase transparencies and slides. Visit them at: Tabernacle Bible Art Site.

Tabernacle Symbolism:

      This site has some unique photos of their Tabernacle model. The site keys on the author's interpretation of how Jesus was symbolically shown in the Tabernacle. Visit them at: Tabernacle Symbolism Page.

Tabernacle Model Page:

      This is one of the most popular Tabernacle websites. The photos of their model are used on several of the sites listed above. Like the previous site in our list, they give their interpretation of how Jesus was symbolically shown in the design of the Tabernacle. Visit them at: Wilderness Tabernacle.

King Tut's Gold Furniture:

      This furniture from King Tut's tomb was a gold covered wooden ark that was carried by poles inserted near the bottom. This design reminds us of several items in the Tabernacle. We can look at this furniture and see Egyptian craftsmanship that may have been similar to the craftsmanship of the Jewish workers. Visit the photo at: King Tut's Tomb Furniture.

"Unlimited Glory" Tabernacle Page:

      A site that gives a lot of analysis of what they believe the tabernacle symbolizes. Visit them at: Unlimited Glory Page.

Tabernacle of the Heart

      Jon Rafn of Johannsson, Iceland has a site that includes both his interpretation of the Tabernacle as a guide to meditation and prayer as well as a collection of still photos of a 3D virtual model. Visit his still images at at: Tabernacle of the Heart Images and his unusual "prayer guide" to the Tabernacle at: Tabernacle of the Heart

Tabernacle Model Photos

      Petri Paavola photos using the model that we sell on this site. Visit his photos and descriptions at: Petri Paavola Tabernacle Model Photos.

Tabernacle model kit photoTABERNACLE KIT
This is a 21 inch by 12 inch Tabernacle Model kit ready to assemble. NOTE: This is NOT the wooden kit! Easier to assemble but not as large as the wooden model. A good tool for teaching, a great project for your Sunday School class or Family.
Click this link to see detailed photos and tips on building your own model: Tabernacle Model Details

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