For a moment, I wished every season had a "tree" to decorate...

Then I realized it wouldn't be near as special that way.  Perhaps that can be my excuse for NOT decorating for all the other make Christmas decorations more special...

See that ribbon on the wall? Add a few clothespins and it's a SUPER-easy way to display our Christmas cards.  Here's another idea that I used last year.

Love my wrapping paper this year (and probably next year too--there's a ton of it in the Sams-size roll).  It's reversible.  And, it's not Christmas specific, so it's good for Hannukah and maybe even weddings or birthdays too!

A view of our kitchen side nook.  Although you can't see them, the four frames on the wall usually have my "HOME" pictures in it, but have been switched to holiday photos along with the frames all over the main level of the house.  Makes everything look a little more festive and is CHEAP decorating! 

I hung our stockings on the railing in the kitchen this year since we don't really spend much time by our fireplace down in the playroom.  And yes, Paxton has his own now! :)

Now, if only all that rain we had last night could have been snow....

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Tiffany said:

Cute Christmas decor, Andrea!  I love Christmas!  I am getting ready for an open house at our house this weekend for the church and it made me think of of the Christmas Tea I use to have in Minnesota.  I miss Rochester!

RLO05 said:

I'll send some snow your way.  We totally got dumped on.  Holy Cow :)
Cute decorations, by the way.  Love the stockings with the baby pictures.

kphifer said:

 I thought I was being so creative yesterday when I put up my little red ribbon and tiny clothespins to hang our Christmas cards.  Then I go to your blog and see your idea, which was the same, but in a much cuter way.  Oh well!  

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